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Ace Eeeh
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Welcome to LJ Media
LJ Media

Social Media.

LJ Media is an online publishing group founded to aid in the discovery of rich and engaging communities and content on LiveJournal. Inspired by the 50,000 active communities in the U.S. alone -- with amazing user-generated content covering a vast range of topics -- LJ Media is on a mission to find interesting and active LiveJournal communities that desire to grow. Once they become a part of LJ Media, communities benefit from marketing, editorial, promotional and technology support that includes a custom site design, homepage and site-wide advertising, promotions, and an affiliate revenue program. See below for the current LJ Media member communities, and watch for more LJ Media communities in the coming year.

Are you the owner of a LiveJournal community interested in becoming a part of LJ Media? Contact us at ljmedia-info@livejournalinc.com

LJ Media Sites…

The Celebrities are Disposable. The Gossip is Priceless.

As the flagship LJ Media site, ONTD reigns as LiveJournal’s most popular and prolific community, boasting more than 3 million monthly visitors. Since its inception in 2004, ONTD has established itself as a Mecca for celebrity gossip, news, and pop-culture worshippers all over the globe. Along with breaking the news, ONTD has made the news, including giving birth to the widely circulated Kermit Bale Internet meme, inventing Free For All Fridays (FFAF), and popularizing, and perhaps mutating, regular fans into rabid stans. In the fast-paced world of entertainment, ONTD has consistently remained faithful to its mantra: “Going all-out on celebrities is why we exist.”

Editor: brenden Go there! ohnotheydidnt

2012 is the Year

Inspired by the drama of sister site ONTD, ONTD Political remains LiveJournal’s top political and cultural discussion hub. Powered by a constant stream of up-to-date and buzzworthy political news, members are only one click away from serious, entertaining, or thoughtful conversations and commentary, sparked by the latest global issues and controversies. Liberal or conservative, all are welcome to join in on these heated debates!

Editor: wonderpup Go there! ontd_political

The Magic Kingdom of Celebrity Gossip

AnythingDiz may just be the happiest place on the Internet. Here you can catch up on the latest entertainment news, notes and quotes on your favorite Disney stars from Snow White to Miley Cyrus – any Disney-related topic is fair game. The best news? There’s no entrance fee to enter this always-active magic kingdom.

Editor: pseudovirus Go there! anythingdiz

Vulva La Revolucion!

Truly living up to its motto: “There really is no such thing as ‘TMI’, so don’t be shy,” VaginaPagina has been a safe and sex-positive environment for LiveJournal members for more than a decade. All are welcome to discuss issues related to female sexual and reproductive health and wellness, and help further VaginaPagina’s mission to spread knowledge, and fight misinformation. However you may classify it—a support group, advice forum, or community— VaginaPagina has changed and continues to change lives for the better.

Editor: rockstarbob Go there! vaginapagina

Where Crafters Unite!

Since 2001, this creative-minded community has served as a welcoming haven for homemade crafts and do-it-yourself projects. Craftgrrls’ interests run the gamut from knitting and jewelry making to woodworking and paper crafting. No craft is too simple or too small. All members are invited to share tips, tutorials, inspiration, and, of course, show off their latest crafty endeavors.

Editor: ilea Go there! craftgrrl

We Love Japan

Mix equal parts ONTD and J-Pop and you have Arama They Didn’t!, a wacky and wonderful concoction that delves into the colorful world of Japanese pop culture. Rife with videos, photos, media, and all the latest news on Japan’s celebrity and music scene, Arama remains one of the Internet’s most popular destinations for entertainment updates, sneak peeks, and releases from the land of the rising sun. (And yes, all gaijin are welcome!)

Editor: goto Go there! aramatheydidnt

LiveJournal Communities Coming Soon to LJ Media: